Seulroeo’s Wedding Ring


Ring that Weed found at the end of the Jigolath quest. 

It's a pair of ring he shared with Seoyoon

Seulroeo’s Wedding Ring (♂):
Durability: 40/40
An emerald ring that symbolizes hope, youth, and eternal love. Crafted by a Dwarf artisan who had poured all his heart and soul into this work. The ring obtained by Seulroeo filled with his aspirations to marry the woman he loved. It is a set together with its other ring (♀) counterpart. Options:

Unmarried young man. The female partner should be the one to place the ring.


Enhances mana concentration and increases magical damage of spells by 27%. Speeds up the rate of learning spell incantations. 35% increase in Mana Regeneration. Fame +1,200 Grace +40 Culture +40 Intelligence +40 Wisdom +40 Charm +150 Grants the user the barrier magic skill ‘Shield’.

Additional sealed Abilities (unlocked at quest completion):

+ Seulroeo’s wisdom: Maximum mana will increase permanently by 3500. + Seulroeo’s blessing: Luck is slightly increased by 20 and damage from magic is reduced. + Wedding vows: Through the sacred rings, two people’s lives can be shared. When a person’s health is low enough, up to 50 percent of health can be transferred.

If you wear rings with reduced vitality, the characteristics of the job of the spouse can be applied. You can use your spouse’s skills at 70% proficiency.

The properties of the ring cannot be changed or passed to others. The ring can be destroyed when the wedding vows are released.


  • According to Seoyoon, the ring actually transfers stats from the partner to the one in need. Leaving the source of the power with less life stats[1].


  1. Volume 41 Chapter 2

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