Seulroeo's Wedding Rings

Seulroeo's Wedding Rings



Emerald rings that symbolize hope, youth, and eternal love. Crafted by a Dwarf artisan who had poured all his heart and soul into this work. The ring obtained by Seulroeo filled with his aspirations to marry the woman he loved.


  • Made with beautiful Emerald gemstones.
  • Weed acquired this set of rings after he successfully killed Chaos Warrior Kubichya in Jigolath[1].
  • It comes in a pair, consist of male(♂) and female(♀) wedding ring.
  • Unmarried female partner must be the one to place the ring on her single male partner.

Item InformationEdit

Seulroeo’s Wedding Ring (♂)[2]
Durability: 40/40
An emerald ring that symbolizes hope, youth, and eternal love. Crafted by a Dwarf artisan who had poured all his heart and soul into this work. The ring obtained by Seulroeo filled with his aspirations to marry the woman he loved. It is a set together with its other ring (♀) counterpart.

Unmarried young man. The female partner should be the one to place the ring.


Enhances mana concentration and increases magical damage of spells by 27%.
Speeds up the rate of learning spell incantations.
35% increase in Mana Regeneration.
Fame +1,200
Elegance(기품), Culture(교양), Knowledge(지식), and Wisdom +40
Charm +150
Grants its user barrier magic skill ‘Shield’.

  • Completing "Seulroeo's Last Wish" quest unlocks additional abilities that were sealed inside this ring;
MESSAGE :Seulroeo’s last wishes have been solved.[3]
Seulroeo’s rings have sealed abilities in them that can be transmitted.
  • Seulroeo’s wisdom: Maximum mana will increase permanently by 3500.
  • Seulroeo’s blessing: Luck is slightly increased by 20 and damage from magic is reduced.
  • Wedding vows: Through the sacred rings, two people’s lives can be shared. When a person’s health[4] is low enough, up to 50% of HP can be transferred.

If you wear rings with reduced health, the characteristics of the job of the spouse can be applied. You can use your spouse’s skills at 70% proficiency.
The properties of the ring cannot be changed or passed to others. The ring can be destroyed when the wedding vows are released.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages
Seulroeo's Wedding Ring
Benefit vs. Risks
Benefit Risks
  1. Enhance mana concentration and Increases magical damage of spell by 27%.
  2. 35% increase in Mana regeneration.
  3. Able to use spouse class skill[5].
  1. Properties of the ring cannot be changed or passed to others.
  2. The effect cannot be applied if user's health drop drastically.[6].
  3. Failed to activate if the spouse died.


  • Mangus Phantasm
    • Weed shared wedding ring(♂) with Seoyoon because of the restriction to equip this item[7]. His face becomes bright red as an apple after he handed the ring to Seoyoon.
    • They (Weed, Seoyoon, Yellowy, Golden Bird & Silver Bird) were absorbed into an illusionary world called Mangus Phantasm to fulfil Seulroeo's dearest wish to marry his fiancée. Later, Weed summoned Tori and Van Hawk to collect after wedding party food. He wants to increase his Cooking Skill by eating and reproducing special food from Niflheim Era.
    • Seoyoon spoke for the second time[8] in Royal Road. After this occasion, she slowly but gradually improves her communication skill with others.
  • Weed's Treasured Item
    • Weed usually equip this ring together with other items; eg: Helium Torch and Baharan's Bracelet[9] to further increase his Mana regeneration speed. He was able to summon earth, fire, and water elemental at the same time at Montvertruria.
    • According to Seoyoon, the ring actually transfers stats from the partner to the one in need, leaving the source of the power with fewer health stats[10]. Thus, she makes decision to avoid dangerous situation and war because she knew Weed will be in serious problem if she died.
  • Life and Death situation
    • Weed was able to utilize Seoyoon's berserker skill inside El Vance Monastery situated in Natalia plain thanks to this ring function. He used "Dance of Insane Warrior" skill to fight against Hermes Guild knights and quite surprised with its fighting effect[11]. Then in a desperate situation, he hides inside a dungeon, the underworld of El Vance Monastery. Unfortunately, Weed died while fighting The great king Avannah, Lordriam there.
    • When Seoyoon's in danger at Kordadesul[12], Seulroeo’s wedding ring would transfer health from Weed and vice-versa. They successfully completed "Home for Two" quest as Nodulle and Hilderun.
    • Weed deliberately sculpted Kubichya with thin fingers so that he could equip this ring when he used Sculpture Transformation skill to transform into Chaos Warrior inside Roderick Labyrinth[13].
  • Failed to Activate
    • The effect of his ring failed to activate at Melbourne Mine due to Weed's drastic drop in health. He was ruthlessly attacked by Hermes Guild and their leader Bard Ray[14] there.
    • After Melbourne Mine accident, both Weed and Seoyoon choose to be more careful while fighting. They usually explore dungeon together[15].

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