Lich Shire

Lich Bar Khan

Lich Shire

A very powerful and evil user of the dark arts, a Boss Class Lich, only second to Bar Khan.

Level unknown, but an easy 470, in Weed's opinion [1].

Description Edit

A skeleton from the Undead legion dressed in robes emerged from the pit. Red jewels were studded on his skull’s forehead! A lustrous black and blue robe, with ancient glyphs painted, that gave the feeling that he had small wings! His fingers covered in jewelled rings, and a golden crown covering his head. In one hand was a book of magic, in the other a white cane [2]

At the end of the unholy life, "he skull was cracking, his body had caught fire, one arm was broken. 'His body had grown to nearly five meters and black smoke, similar to energy kept escaping from his body " [3]

Special Skills Edit

Fighting skillsEdit

  • Roar skill and command over 10 thousands of undead
  • A monstruous vitality
  • A very direct and aggressive use of magic
  • An ability to change to large monster size.  

Magical skillsEdit

An extremely high rate of magic firing with exceptionnaly large area of magic effect[4]

  • Speciality 1: gravity based spell, all kind
  • Speciality 2: powerful attack spell, like fire & ice magic, demon spear ... 
  • Speciality 3: necromancer magic (up to tier 3 or 4)
Shire in front of bar Khan

Shire supporting Bar Khan transformation process into a Lich

Special items Edit

We don't know everything about his items. But it was worth at least worth over 10 millions wons.

Here is the list: 

  • Shire's Book of magic, which is in reality "Bar Khan’s handwritten Necromancer Tome  of Magic" [5].  
  • Golden Crown, rare or unique with unknown power
  • Shire's life vessel, a red magical jewel 
  • Moon’s shoes , rare or unique magical shoes, movement speed increased and agility significantly improved
  • Taranhan's Staff, a unique and strong magical staff with hidden power
  • Vine's Robe, rare or unique magic robe specialized in attack magic (read Shire description) .
  • Magical Rings, unknown, but should increase mana and vitality

And even more... 


No flying skills and an army with no strong air support, which gave the upper hand to Weed wyvern.

  • Weakeness also to freya's holy water and divine magic.
  • An inflated ego, which made him only fight at the very end, disregarding his own safety.

A unique NPC storyEdit

Shire alive

Young Shire

A lich, second only to the mad Lich Bar Khan ; he was his influent and corrupting disciple. We don't know much about his storyline yet. Knew Tori, the vampire lord and Van Hawk, the Dark knight.  Might have been in contact with the Embinyu Church.  In his last fight, "Shire alone got about six thousands Orcs and around three thousand Dark Elves also died. He shot down four Wyvern groups, while restraining a vampire lord, a dark knight, various necromancers, dark elves, and priests of Freya.[6]. He was finally killed by hundreds of dark elves simultaneous elemental magic attack, after Weed major strike.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed killed Shire, where "no one had ever defeated a boss-class monster of this caliber"[7]. As a reward, Weed won 20 levels, but only 3 items and died in the process (check Death Penalty).
  • Weed was commissionned by the Freya Church to end the life of this dreadful Lich. 
  • Still Weed used Lich Shire Identity, with the help of the skill sculpture shapeshifting[8].


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