It was a unique item sculpted by Emperor Geihar Von Arpen , 1000 years ago. 

And a former Seal of the Arpenian Empire. 

In Las Phalanx, Weed used Sculpture Life Bestowal and granted it life, at the request of golden Bird.

The new living sculpture was named Silver Bird.

Item Information Edit

                 Seal of the Arpenian Empire, Mysterious Bird
Durability 130/130
It symbolizes the authority of the Ahreupen Empire’s Imperial Household which ruled
the Versailles Continent with grace.

It was made as a pair together with the Golden Bird Senoria Ruseroni. Made by a
master sculptor.

Artistic Value: 51,300

Fame +4,500.

Nobility +150.

Honor +90.

Charisma +45.

Charm +100.

Affects the range of leadership and charisma.

Has an increasing effect. 

Increases familiarity towards female residents.

If used as an ornament, the loyalty of the nobles will increase by 15%.

Has a ruling effect. 5% increase in diplomatic advantage.

30% increase in luck when defending from a siege or from a large scale battle.

Can summon a mysterious fog. 

It cannot be damaged.

A historical treasure, due to having found one of the Seal of the Arpenian Empire the

Art Stat increases by 51.

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