Sky BootsEdit


The Sky Boots are an unique item, which was made famous over the media and that Weed took from an Hermes member[1].


The sky boots have a very distinctive appearance. They are painted with the sun and clouds on them[2].

Special bonusEdit

They increase[3]:

  • Movement speed over long distances
  • Magic resistance
  • Stats (honour, dignity) by a total of 70 points.


  • This unique pair of boots was owned by a member of the Hermes Guild, robbed by Weed
  • Having appeared several time on broadcast, they were rather famous.
  • Weed hunting incognito on the Central Continent was recognized by other gamers because of those boots.
  • Weed, defending against bounty hunters that went after him, earned the titles of murderer, mass murderer and terrible (mass) murderer.


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