Armored Spartoï

The spartoi rarely appears. They are mysterious faceless royal guards, with a strong dragonic aura [1]. They are powerful warriors (level520+) and deadly servants of an ancient dragons and are generally to be found at his lair or on mission at his service.


Spartois are a special breed of high level and very obedient skeleton of humanoid shape [2]. They are made by a dragon and have a strong dragonic magic aura on them. They will also probably wear first class armour made by an high level dwarves blacksmith, armor gives them the appearance of a royal guard.

Combat SkillEdit

Level are at 520+ [3] They have tremendous health, defense and magic resistance. 


  • First mention [4].
  • The Spartoï where made and ordered by the black dragon Akryong Kaybern
  • Eleven of them were send to assist Wed on his quest to King Belsos Tomb, in the Musos Valley.
  • King Belsos was one of the 5 Master Scultptors that are (or were) roaming the Continent.
  • The quest had previously failed


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