Lion Monster

The Lion Monster guarding the Tomb of King Theodarren

Also translated as the statue of the "Lion Monster".

Introduction Edit

Sculpture created by Weed as part of the quest The Tomb of King Theodarren[1].

Description Edit

Sphinx on author's map

The Sphinx, found on author's Versailles Continent map.

For the head of the statue, he carved the face of King Theodarren, and its body was shaped into a lion. The design was simple, but enormous in size.

And this enormous statue of a noble and mysterious Sphinx was carved out of a huge  single rock.

The statue of the Lion overlooking the pyramid represents the Sphinx overlooking the human King's final resting place[2].

stat Edit

Masterpiece! You created a Statue of the Sphinx (also poorly translated Lion Monster). Created by a Sculptor with excellent handicraft skills, and the solidification of his sweat and effort. His fame and reputation will be spread throughout the continent. The statue of the Sphinx: It is made out of solid granite, and has a strong, mysterious and courageous temperament. This statue, resembling King Theodarren, will bring prosperity to the Rosenheim Kingdom[3]. Artistic value: 4,700. Effects:

Those who access the statue will gain the Lion's Courage buff, increasing Health and Mana regeneration by 30% for a day.

Movement speed increased by 15%.

Magic resistance increased by 20%.

Maximum health increased by 15%.

Stamina increased by 20%.

All stats increased by 16.

Lion's Roar applied: All monsters in the surrounding area will receive a decrease in their abilities and will lose morale.

Fighting spirit of players will increase when fighting near the statue:

This effect does not overlap with other sculptures. Total number of masterpieces completed: 3

Stats Increased Edit

Sculpture mastery reached Intermediate 9th level. This allows construction of even more delicate and detailed sculptures. Handicraft Skill reached Intermediate level 10, and transformed to Advanced level 1.

You gain a bonus when using hand tools and an increase in damage with all weapons.

You can now learn certain skills related to the craft.

Hand combat skills can now be learned regardless of profession.

New Skill: Mind Hand Fame increased by 630.

Art increased by 16.

Endurance increased by 12.

Stamina increased by 6.

The Lion has been added to the list of the Wonders of the East.

Weed is the owner of the Lion. If life is given to the Lion, it will begin with a high loyalty towards Weed.

You have created a Masterpiece. You gain 1 point in each stat.

New Title! You earned a title of 'Artisan With Exceptional Dexterity'. Granted for reaching the master level of Handicraft skill!

Honorable title for having extraordinary dexterity.

Granted only to the best artisan.

Location Edit

Kingdom of Rosenheim

References Edit

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