Weed made this statue to help the beginners in Morata.

Background Edit

Weed made this statue to help the beginners in Morata. Weed also made a fox and a black bear at the same time. He portrayed the black bear extremely fiercely thrashing a tree with its front paws, and the fox was a 9-tailed fox.

Appearance  Edit

Weed shaped the deer into a form three times its real-life size. What’s more, he used precious stone materials such as granite and peridot. He sculpted the deer’s simple, innocent bright eyes, round nose, slender body and legs realistically 

Info Edit

You have completed the Spotted Deer Statue

.A work imbued with the passion of a Sculptor. An ordinary animal was sculpted, but it was made with a Sculptor’s skilled techniques and sincerity. It is somewhat regretful that it does not represent a creative idea or a new challenge. However, it is definitely worthy of being called the most outstanding deer among the countless number of deers in the continent. It is such a realistically portrayed work, that wolves will mistaken it for a real deer from far away and come running.

Artistic Value: A work by the Master Sculptor Weed. 72.

Special Options: Those who see the Spotted Deer Statue will have Luck increased by 27% for a day. Increases the breeding rate of deer in the vicinity by 350%. Also increases the breeding rate of wolves by 230%. Improves the quality of leather and food ingredients from deer. The intelligence of deer has been improved and can not be easily hunted by monsters. Increases the likelihood of the appearance of large deer herds.

States Increased Edit

Sculpting skill proficiency has improved.

Fame has increased by 6.

Art stat has increased by 2.

Location Edit


Ref Edit

Vol 17 Ch4

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