Introduction Edit

  • It is a Unique Item, one of the relics of Lugh´s Church. The first appearance of this holy sword was during the quest to defeat the High Priest of the 11th sect Embinyu, Church of destruction. Weed summoned Bar Khan, the Lich by using Wand, The Token of Alliance. The wand has the Power of Deliverance.[1]. The Sword of Lugh was stuck on Bar Khan's chest.
  • Bar Khan, the Lich's magic had a negative effect in the sword's divine power and corrupted it, to restore it the only option was to deliver the sword to the Sanctuary located in Argoldia, one of 10 forbidden zones, so the Bishop offered Weed to join their quest "Become a guide to the Sanctuary" which was rejected by Weed[2], and then created a new quest "Expedition to Argoldia"[3].

Item Information Edit

                                Sword of Lugh[4]
Durability: 140/140                     Attack: 165~317
Sword sent from the God for the humans.
The sword has been impaled inside the Lich Bar Khan for a long time, 
suppressing his dark magic.
If the sword restores its Sun Power, 
the Church of Lugh will be able to recover a weapon of God
Church of Lugh's Paladin
Faith: 1350
Can only be used with permission from the Church

Suppresses Dark Mana
During a crusade it can create a miracle

Can not be destroyed

Dominates monsters lower than intermediate level

Remaining options impossible to check
Lugh's Miracle[5]

A miracle has occurred due to your high Faith.

You will be protected by holy power when fighting against evil forces.

Movement speed has become faster.

Destructive power has become larger.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed got this holy sword from Geomchi121 (he had the final hit) when he defeated Bar Khan, the Lich in Vargo Fortress[6].
  • Weed returned the Sword of Lugh back to the Church of Lugh in Morata[7].
  • When Weed asked the assistance of the Church of Lugh to tackle Roderick Labyrinth, the Sword of Lugh was brought, which is a rare sign of trust. And shows how vital the issue is for Lugh's church. It was wielded by the Paladin , Derian.


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