Sword of Lugh

Introduction Edit

Item Stats Edit

Sword of Lugh
Durability: 140/140 Damage: 165 - 317
Sword sent from the God for the humans.

The sword has been impaled inside Lich Bar Khan for a long time, suppressing his dark magic. If the sword restored its Sun Power, the Church of Lugh will be able to recover a weapon of God.


Faith : 1,350 Can only be used with the permission from the Church.

Option : Suppresses dark mana.

During a crusade it can create a miracle.

Cannot be destroyed.

Dominates monsters lower than intermediate level.

Remaining options impossible to check.

More background Edit

  • Weed got this holy sword from Geomchi121 (he had the final hit) when he defeated Bar Khan in Vargo Fortress.[2]
  • Weed returned the Sword of Lugh back to the Church of Lugh in Morata.
  • When Weed asked the assistance of the Church of Lugh to tackle Roderick Labyrinth, the Sword of Lugh was brought

References Edit

  1. Volume 16 Chapter 4
  2. Volume 24 Chapter 8

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