Weed carved a Blood-Absorbing Jewel and placed it in a gold ring.

Item Information Edit

                                Tempting Vampire Ring
Durability 27/27.
A ring made with the Blood-absorbing Jewel.

If you continue to wear it then health and vitality will decrease. Eventually the ring 
will cause a dreadful disease.

A blacksmith with great skills created it for some reason. It will be better off if 
it doesn’t enter the world.

The nobility of the night will covet this ring.


Reduces the wearer’s health.

Vitality weakened.

Charm increased by 16%.

The ability to dazzle is strengthened.

The effect of blood-sucking will increase.

The hidden power of the jewel will be revealed when blood is drunk.
Source: Edit

Volume 29 Chapter 2

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