Baran Village Goddess Freya Sculpture

Weed created this sculpture of Freya in the baran village[1]. It's the first sculpture he made of Seoyoon. This sculpture became famous in the surrounding area. Later, it was destroyed after Baran village fell into the Embriyu Church's hand[2].

Background Edit

It was a quest given to Weed by the elder of the Village, because the old statue was accidentally destroyed. He also gave the quest to Seoyoon, who choose not to appears after she saw the sculpture.

Description Edit

The statue of Goddess Freya radiated a splendor that relaxed onlookers all the while It showed a benevolent and comforting smile. A lady in a traveler’s outfit, holding a sword; smiling[3]. In the Manhwa, she is not holding a sword but some flowers instead [4].  

Info Edit

Art is not always recognized for the it’s style and skill of the work in question. It is worthy of being called great art as long as it touches many hearts and cleanses many minds. The statue of Goddess Freya, of outstanding beauty, despite low expertise in Sculpture Mastery, will hold the public eye forever.

Special Effects:

  • +15% Increased health and mana regeneration for 25 hours.

This effect does not stack with other statues.

Number of Fine Pieces Created: 1 Artistic Value: 150

Stat improvement Edit

Weed's Sculpture Mastery did level up to Beginner Lv: 9 in the process, which enable him to produce more delicate and detailed works. It was the first sculpture of larger siza that Weed made. It was also his first sculpture he made of Seoyoon.

  • Fame has risen by 50 points (+50 FAME)
  • Art has risen by 15 points (+15 ART)
  • Perseverance has risen by 10 points (+10 PER)
  • Vitality has risen by 5 points (+5 VIT)

Location Edit

References Edit

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