time walk


Time sculpting is the highest level of skill achievement for a sculptor[1]. The power of this mysterious sculpting technique can accomplish miracles.


Time sculpting skill is the first final secret technique to ever appear. Also the level of this final quest was also unprecedented in Royal Road [2]. After moonlight sculpting and nature sculpting, it became sculptor Weed's third and final area of expertise

Skill Information Edit

A new and grand way of sculpting has been pioneered by Weed. The wandering sculptor has found the true expression of radiant beauty! "Happy memories can flow quickly or slowly, but time is eternal". The secrets of time have been revealed through true insight into eternal love. It is considered as the greatest achievement of sculpting ever[3]. Depending on the level of proficiency, more attributes of Time Sculpting can be produced. It can also increase the effect of any given sculpture by 4% [4].


'Age Sculpting'

Beginner: Age Sculpting.

Restriction: Can only be used with Advanced Sculpture Mastery.

Skill Requirements: Not specified.

  • It will stop the sculpture from being naturally damaged by the passing of time.

CAUTION:It will not always add value to the sculpture.


'Moment Sculpting'

Intermediate: Moment Sculpting.This technique is a pure expression of radiant beauty[5]. It can also be used for combat purpose, but at the cost of vitality

Restriction: Can only be used with Intermediate Time Sculpture Mastery.

Skill Requirements: The stopped moment will consume a lot of vitality and mana.

  • A special energy is required in order to spread the reach of Moment Sculpting.
  • Energy can be obtained when a moment makes people happy.
  • Energy of the Moment will be quickly consumed.

CAUTION: Continuous use will consume a vast amount of vitality and mana.

'Museum of Time'

Intermediate: Museum of Time

Restriction: Can only be used with Intermediate Time Sculpture Mastery.

Skill Requirements: Not specified

  • The flowers in that place won’t wither and raindrops will be stopped in the air.
  • Only the sculptor can move in this space
  • If you create an exhibition of your works then you can invite other people.

CAUTION:Combat and destruction isn’t possible in this space.


'Time Travel'

Advanced: Travel Sculpting.

Restriction: Can only be used with Advanced Time Sculpture Mastery.

Skill Requirements: Not specified

  • You can proceed with special quests, involving time travel.

CAUTION: Quests not related to sculpting that change the past incur a large penalty.


  • Weed is the first and only gamer mastering time sculpting so far.
  • He reached intermediary level[6], after he completed his magnus Opus : A beautiful world.
  • The Moment sculpting skill was first tested for combat purpose . Due to the time difference, acceleration is been activated. Current speed is enough to threaten the life of a deer. It causes a tremendous change in the attack and defense [7].
  • Yoo Byung Jun also watched Weed’s behavior during this test.