Dungeon Todeum

Sculptures in Todeum


A vampire kingdom hidden in a special separate dimension. Though vampire are the main residents, there are also various other species and even a local human population. No one knows how this kingdom came to existence.

Entrance to the KingdomEdit

The entrance to Todeum Kingdom[1] has been said to be :

  1. at a specific place and time of the Year
  2. with the help of a vampire 
  3. only opened once

Special Death penaltyEdit

If a gamer dies, he will respawn outside of the Todeum separate world, and he should not be able to return to Todeum, on his own.

Local speciesEdit

There are various local species, including:

More to come

Special Place Edit

There are various local places, including:

To avoid being oppressed by the vampires, humans lives in fortified village.

  • Todeum Castle [3].

Special Items Edit

There are various local items, including:

More to come

Trivia Edit

  • Weed was invited by a level 400+ Vampire lord Tori [4].
  • Weed restored all the sculpture[5].

Adventure in Vampire Land  Arc Edit

After Tori request to be freed from Weed, he promised to bring Weed and his companion to the Todeum Kingdom, including the Geomchi. But they were dropped somewhere near Seirun Village. When they reach Todeum Castle, it was swarmed by high level holy creatures (Pegasus and Unicorns). For the sake of adventure, Weed decided to help the vampire to drive the holy creature away.


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