It is a major attraction in Morata.

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It was solemn and somber; in the cool, pale moonlight there were 7 brilliant hues of clear and transparent light. Suddenly the clouds over Morata parted. The moonlight poured onto the surface of the tower and scattered. Everywhere around the tower was bathed in the moonlight.

Many rays of light could be seen in the sky. It spread increasingly as the tower generated light. Soon it covered the entire mountain! Therefore they were exposed to the sheen of the light sculptures. The light danced. Every time the clouds or the moon moved, the light would dance. A dance of light that could not be expressed with words. It was a fantastic sight.

Info Edit

A great masterpiece made by a skilled sculptor. Sometimes a sculptor leaves behind a work so great that it stuns the continent. The tower takes on a grander appearance at night and its full characteristics are displayed.

- Health, Mana and Stamina regeneration increased by 25% for the entire day.

- All stats are increased by 15.

- Maximum Health and Mana increased by 15%.

- Movement speed has increased by 20%.

- Luck increased by 100.

- Increases the power of Holy and Elemental Magic.

Statue weakens the nearby forces of darkness, strong monsters will weaken.

When the sun goes down, then a light show will occur.

The Tower of Light sculpture increases defense to 1.5 times the original value.

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Ref Edit

Volume 10 Chapter 8

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