Introduction Edit

Training Halls are buildings scattered throughout the Versailles Continent where users can seek training and confirm their level of skills. Those training center require a great level of skill. Users can also achieve great rewards too.


  • Popularity

Training hall were initially unpopular among most users [1]. But later on, it became a valued asset[2] that certain class are seeking for the sake of skill and class advancement.

  • Reward

Reward is appropriate to the level of challenge. With enough perseverance or ingenuity, a user can expect possibility of : - Permanent increase of stats or skill - New equipment & new skill - New class (optional) or potential involvement in hidden quest

  • Official and hidden

Some training hall are official and easy to find. Others are much more difficult to find (the Lavia hall for example or one of the 12 Heriam towers) and have to be be considered hidden training halls for more experts users. Access to an higher training hall, require success in previous lower hall.

  • Ranking of training halls

Training halls are rated by the required level of skill expertise (starter or basic, beginner, intermediate, expert) [3].

  • Player involvement

Like any official position in Royal Road, the position of instructors can be taken over by a player, if he/she prove himself/herself worthy and dedicated enough.

List of Training Halls Edit

Rosenheim Kingdom Basic Training Hall

Starter training hallEdit

Any major starting place for players has its own starter training hall. For example Weed started in Serabourg, Rosenheim Kingdom

  • Serabourg's training Hall

- Food and weapon : Hard Iron Sword. - New skill: Sword skill. - Access right to beginner training halls. - Potential access to hidden quest.

Another example of starter training hall can be found in Rhodium[4].

Beginner training hallEdit

Beginner training hall are only for users who went through and succeeded in the starting training hall. At the game beginning, those training halls were hidden. For example, the founding members of Hermes guild were the first to find the training hall in City of Heaven, Lavias.

  • Lavia's Training Hall
Lavia Beginner Training Hall
    • Level: Training for "beginners".
    • Location: City of Heaven, Lavia
    • Rewards:

- Skill Creation (Lion's Roar in Weed's case). - Potential class Change - Martial Artist (Hidden). - Access right to intermediate training halls.

    • Description:

Visitors must challenge a dark dungeon packed with 100 steel barbarians and triumph [5]. The challenger's and the barbarians' levels are scaled to be equal, therefore the challenger cannot overcome it through increasing one's level for example. The solution has to be found through one's own skill.

Intermediate training hallEdit

Intermediate training hall are only for users who went through and succeeded in both the starting & beginner training hall. Those training hall are hidden. There are 12 hidden Heraim's tower spread through the world of Royal Road. One is the tower of Heroes.

    • Heraim's Tower of Heroes
    • Level: Intermediate training
    • Location: Vampire Kingdom Todeum[6]
    • Rewards:

- Skill: Stone Skin (floor 2). - Stats : Physical Resistance, Perseverance and Endurance each rise by 60 (floor 3). - - Skill: Heraim Fencing (floor 4). - Item : a class related quest Book, involving time travel (floor 5)

    • Description:

It is one of the 12 hidden Heraim tower[7]; the Heraim being an old civilisation of warriors. Weed challenged the Tower of Heroes with the Geomchis. The instructor, an aged Heraim, revealed to Weed that tower had many floors, and only by reaching the third floor can one succeed in challenging the tower. However, there were 2 additional floors [8].


  • The training hall for starter in Rosenheim Kingdom is the first center that the reader are introduced to. It played a huge role in Weed's early gameplay.
  • During the starting 4 week period where he was restricted from leaving the city walls, Weed took full advantage of the training hall to raise his stat.
  • In Lavia, Weed was the first to do so at that particular training hall, and the 400th to do so on the entire continent[9].
  • In Todeum, Weed was the only one to reach the legendary 5th floor, thanks to his necromancer skill. Having the form of a Skeleton Knight, Weed selected the Knight book and was sent to the Palrangka Conflict to perform a Historic Quest. [10]


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