Introduction Edit

Training Halls are buildings scattered throughout the Versailles Continent where users can seek training and confirm their skills. While initially unpopular among most users [1], eventually many began to appreciate the benefits of seek training from the instructors at the local training hall.

Some users even decided to become instructors at those training halls .

The training hall in Rosenheim Kingdom is the first that the reader is introduced to, and played a huge role in Weed's early game. During the period of time where Weed was restricted from leaving the city walls as a new player, he took full advantage of the training hall. [1]

Benefits of training include permanent increases to stats, equipment, and with enough perseverance or ingenuity, the possibility of hidden quests, hidden skills, hidden classes and access to more advanced training halls.

Known Training Halls Edit

During the course of his adventures, Weed has to date encountered three training halls. There are many more. Training halls are rated by level (basic, beginner, intermediate, advance). We don't know if there are even higher level halls. But this options is not to be excluded...

Rosenheim Kingdom Training HallEdit

Rosenheim Kingdom Basic Training Hall

- description here -

Rhodium Training Hall Edit

  • Level: Basic
  • Location: Rhodium [2]
  • Rewards: Hard Iron Sword. Access to beginner training halls.

Lavia Training HallEdit

Lavia Beginner Training Hall
  • Level: Beginner
  • Location: City of Heaven, Lavias [3]
  • Rewards: Class Change - Martial Artist (Hidden). Skill Creation (Lion's Roar in Weed's case). Access to intermediate training halls.

Visitors must challenge a dark dungeon packed with 100 steel barbarians and triumph [3]. The challenger's and the barbarians' levels are scaled to be equal, so the challenge cannot be overcome solely through increasing one's level. At the time Weed passed the lavia training hall's test, he was the first to do so at that particular training hall, and the 400th to do so on the entire continent.

Tower of Heroes Edit

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Location: Vampire Kingdom Todeum [4]
  • Rewards: Skill: Stone Skin (floor 2). Physical Resistance, Perseverance and Endurance each rise by 60 (floor 3). Skill: Heraim Fencing (floor 4). Heroic History Quest (floor 5)

Weed challenged the Tower of Heroes with the Geomchis. The instructor, an aged Heraim, revealed to Weed that tower had many floors, and only by reaching the third floor can one succeed in challenging the tower- however, there was an additional 4th and upon reaching the 5th floor, the challenger would see a legend [5].After reaching the final floor, the legend allows the challenger to select one of the books of 11 classes. Having the form of a Skeleton Knight, Weed selected the Knight book and was sent to the Palrangka Conflict to perform a Historic Quest. [6]


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