Turtle giant flying

Giant turtle, flying

It is a creature of legend. First seen and described in the warring age. It was an important asset of the Embinyu 4th sect armies. Also called barate Turtle[1]

Turtle flying historical

Historical data

Description and UsesEdit

The 4th sect of the Embinyu Church had a myriad of monsters at it's disposal. In it's flying corp the most fearsome were the giant flying turtles, Barates the "air" workhorse of the Embinyu church; understandably being the most dangerous form of transportation currently known. They have the carrying capacity to hold many soldiers on their backs of varying skills (mage, or archer). In the battle for control over the continent, the Embinyu church mobilized these flying fortresses, carrying 5000 archers and other classes of fanatics to the battlefield. [2]

Barates are used by the Embinyu church as flying sniper towers for their soldiers to attack enemies who are perched up on high walls, or are in hard to reach places.[3]

Their main form of attack while being transportation is to spew acidic venom that literally melts whatever it touches. They are also in possession of other common forms of attack like biting and the general use of their weight and size to ram enemies off their perches.[4]

Special attackEdit

The most dangerous attack of the Barate turtle is it's acidic venom which is able to melt away buildings and people alike with horrifying effectiveness. [5]


Although a great strength, the size of Barates is also their downfall. The shell of the Barate is large enough to hold 15 soldiers, but at the same time restricts them from attacking whoever is on their back and can only hope to try to dislodge the enemy or get help from other Barate to attack. [6]

Barates are also highly susceptible to fire. [7]

The Shell of the turtle is a natural defense against all forms of attacks, but due to it's weight the speed of the barate suffers. [8]

Exactly as the traditional turtle, on the ground, they are easy to catch and to kill. [9]

Other featuresEdit

Can be used as a mount for a group of people.[10]


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