Mounted Undead Beast 

Undead horse with rider

Undead horse with high level undead knight

Skeleton on phantom horse

Skeleton knights on Phantom Horses

A mounted beast, implies a a master, be it a necromancer or another Undead. 


  • Necromancers and certain Undead are able to control Wild Undead Beast. If they have the skill, they can also  use them as Mounts. 
  • This open a special class of Mounted Undead Beasts, which directly serves travelling or warfare purposes, and especially large scale warfare, as demonstrated by the army of Lich Shire.
  • This class should be considered as a temporary subclass, because without its master control, Undead Beast tend to run amok.  

Description Edit

  • Almost any Higher ranked Undead can use a Mounted Undead Beast.
  • There is a large variety of Mounted Undead Beasts. From regular Phantom horse to large Undead Rhinoceros.
  • It also includes flying mounted beast.
  • Potentialy, it could include any kind of Undead Beast monster, even a Bone Dragon. It all depend of the difference of level between Master & beast. 

Control over a Mounted BeastEdit

Undead horse with master

undead horse with master

  • The fact that the rider raised the Beast himself from the dead makes the control absolute. Otherwise, the control is relative and depend on the undead level, skill and class.
  • A necromancer will not have the control of a Beast he has not risen himself.
  • If the master dies before the Beast, the beast will turn wild. Check Undead, Wild Beast 
  • A Undead Mounted Beast should be expected with a high level Boss Class Undead, especially for undead warrior type, which have fighting while riding skill. 
  • A Undead Mounted Beast can be protected, strenghtened or even healed, by its master. Example: the Serpa Witch protected their Mounts (v7c2). It depends on the skills, the intelligence and the mana level of the master.

Benefits from using an Undead BeastEdit

  • A mounted Undead Beast is a support and a tool for a stronger Undead. It directly benefits from it. Example: the charge power of a mounted skeleton Knight or a Serpa witch. 
  • High level Undead Beast always have strong special skills.
  • An Undead Mounted Beast has an unlimited amount of stamina. In case of pursuit, that makes them relentless and fearful hunters.
  • Sometimes, the master life also truly relies on the strengh of his mounted beast. Example: the Undead Rhino for the Serpa Witch. 
  • Being able to rely on flying Undead Mounted Beast can become a strengh in warfare.

Weakenesses of a Mounted Beast  Edit

  • Their smell should be good, and their sight should be bad, at least in daylight, as for most of the Undead.
  • Their strengh is strongly weakened by silver, holy water or divine magic, as proved by Weed victory against the Undead legion.

Other featuresEdit

  • A Undead Mounted Beast can be expected with a high level Boss Class Undead, especially for a fighting class type, which have learned fighting riding skill.
  • Same as for Undead. Same as for Ancient Giant Undead. Sometimes, the novel does not bother to mention the level or even he type of Beast.
  • There is no indication if Bar Khan used (or not) as a mount one of his feared large Bone dragon, like Weed did for example with his Ice dragon
  • There is a limit of Beast control. A good example of that is Weed with his very high level Boss Class living sculpture or servants. 

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