Is the company that launch the game Royal Road. It is one of the biggest gaming companies around.

The price money of Royal Road Edit

Unicorn Corporation first appearance (vol2 chap 6) is about the price money of Royal Road and the meaning behind the name of the game.

"The first to conquer the entire land would be given prize money: 10% of Unicorn Corporations sales for one month. This was an enormous sum. In Korea alone, millions played the game. Globally, Japan, Europe and America combined; the users amounted to over 100 million. Royal Road cost $300 a month to play. It was difficult to calculate such a huge amount of money. 10% of that would make someone instantly rich." (vol2 chap 6)

Unicorn developed a unique new technology. He was truly a technological breakthrough.

History of the Company Edit

Unicorn Corporation second appearance (vol5 chap 9) gives us more information about the Company.

"For the past 50 years Unicorn has been making some of the most popular games in the world. Almost always they were receiving huge profits, not just from monthly game subscriptions, but from sales of comics, cartoons, movies and even an amusement park that featured recognizable game characters." (vol5 chap 9)

"However, their business didn’t always go that smoothly, Unicorn Corporation survived through multiple crises and huge competition from other game developers. A few years ago, the game Continent of Magic lured away a great chunk of their audience.

The number of players dropped dramatically and gone along with them, money. If they didn’t do something extraordinary, they’d have to reduce the staff and stay at the background of the game industry for a long time." (vol5 chap 9)

The economical power of the Company Edit

There is a rumor that Unicorn has the largest amount of free cash in the country.

Fact is they did create "the most innovative game in history – Royal Road. They changed the very concept of virtual reality and regained their (leading) position. And even more that that – they started to earn more money than ever before!"  

More is coming later on...

Workers Edit

Chang Yoon Soo 


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