Hello everybody. First of all, thanks for willing to contribute to our wiki. Here are some guidelines.

  1. Only post picture from the novel or the manhwa of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.
  2. Exclude any use of first and second person; I, We, You, 
  3. Personal opinion is not allowed in the page, unless in the talk page or in the comment. (unless authors opinion, which you need to provide the resource of the opinion)
  4. No repititive information/collaboration of the information based on personal opinion.
  5. If possible, please provide the source, (Vol..Chap..)
  6. Even if you don't provide the source, make sure the information came from the novel or the manhwa. Own imaginations are not allowed to be post in the page, unless in comment.
  7. No vandalism or spamming of edit.
  8. Admin privillage is possibly given to the member that never violate any of these rule.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Wiki's image policy:

  • Does not violate Wikia's terms of use when embedding new videos and uploading new photos.
  • The image must be either from the novel or from the manhwa.
  • Other than these two sources, other images are not allowed, either personal creation or any other picture from any resources.

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