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  • Phil1403

    A game, somehow related to LMS, came out in Korea. At the moment, it is a limited Korean release. But once installed, it does not care if you are in Korea or elsewhere.

    More troublesome is the fact that the only language option at the moment is Korean. Name is probably related to "Light Wing" the pair of Wings that Weed sculpted in Kuroso, the underground dwarf city. Test was done by Maxximal, Rhinorulz & MurrayHenwood.

    It is very flashy, very Korean style, dixit Maxximal. Their first observations were :

    • First edition had only 3 classes (male or female), which makes 6 choices.
    • The classes are knight, archer and priest.
    • You can get quest, level, etc... and even followers.  
    • There is an auto-attack mode.
    • Update from the 20th of December is called t…

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  • Phil1403

    The second Continent

    December 17, 2017 by Phil1403

    This second map introduce some of the elements shared by author Heesung NAM on his blog. It describes some features of the second Continent of Royal Road.

    Description includes :

    • △ = 소규모 공국 - Small Principality / Small Country
    • O = 마을 – Town
    • ☆= 던전 – Dungeon
    • ♕ = 왕국 - Large Kingdoms

    Notice that there are various islands, dungeons and Countries, all elements which played a major role on the Central Continent.

    • Access to the Second Continent :

    The Sea is a way to access the Continent. Another potential access is teleport or flying. A third way in would one of the forbidden zone, named the Wasteland of the Lost.

    • 데론 해 – Deron Sea
    • 플라네티스 해 - Planestise Sea? Sea of Planestise? Or Arieszai recommendation: Planaris Sea

    1. 가라터아스군도 – Garatoase Island
    2. 미지의땅 – Unnamed Island
    3. 미개…

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  • Phil1403

    New webtoon translator

    November 16, 2017 by Phil1403

    Hi everyone,

    The translation of Webtoon is changing again, after Mangacow went into a break after chapter 115 . 

    I guess, it's the same as for the novel. Change of translator is to be expected (explanation by the translator himself here ) .

    Anyway, here is the new team translating LMS webtoon, starting with chapter 116.  This being said,  as usual, I suggest you stay on the LMS discord , instead of splitting the community all over the place.

    Take care


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  • Phil1403


    We thanks RT for her fast and efficient translation of LMS and wish her all the best with her new translations projects.  

    More informations : 

    4 - UPDATE - 18 January 2017

    • New translations on Wuxiaworld, including PTO , BEM & OG . 
    • You can enjoy her newest translations there.

    3 - UPDATE - 18 May 2017

    • No new LMS translation from Turtle to be expected
    • Translation stopped with volume 48.
    • Previous Turtle website now closed.
    • Rainbow Turtle's LMS chapters are back on good old Arkmachinetranslation, next to Ark translation.

    2 - UPDATE - 18 March 2017

    • A few translations of Rainbow turtle have finaly been uploaded on Wuxiaworld.
    • LMS chapters are still not to be found on Gravity tales ( another translation instead was uploaded there). 

    1 - UPDATE - 4 March 2017 …

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  • Phil1403

    Volume 48 is OUT

    November 2, 2016 by Phil1403

    It includes 8 chapters.

    1. page 7 - Pick a color palace
    2. page 55 - swaying public opinion
    3. page 99 - vs. Villains Dream 4/ page 163 - capture of seeds
    4. page 193 - demons of gluttony
    5. page 257 - excommunication of Fort Ohdein
    6. page 299 - Fortress Siege of eau
    7. page 333 - sacrifice Seoyun

    Its Google translate so live with it... If you are more information, you can share it here in the SPOIL Section.

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