Input request


Just added some content on a new skill section ( after adding content to Quest and Monster section).

It still need a lot of work.

For the moment, I just plan to list all the skill i can find and create the page. 

Key word used for search entry are Skill & Technique.

Then i want to test/find a model for the skill page standart structure. 

Sorting skill out and reorganizing content will come later on. 

Various suggestion to improve the section has been made in advance here (talk about skill section). So that everyone can contribute or express his opinion.

Some content will be moved to fill in the section. And some will have to be moved out (example: authority of the Emperor). So your opinion is welcome. 

Ps -  

Skill description page. I started with riding and taming skill. The structure is introduction, description, purpose, related skills, other features. It's a first draw. Not sure if that the definitive model for skill description page. Probably not.


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