List of the latest update

Added content

Important update the content directly in the section, mainly

  • Quest, subsection type of quest, master quest, emperor quest</li>
  • Master swordsman , related characters and master skills</li>
  • Skill, added content, move content to that section, list of skill (work in progress)</li>
  • Story arc section, growing steadily (work in progress)

    Comment or talk section

    Can be used to ask question, make suggestion or start to contribute to an existing section.

    Added suggestion

    Added suggestion for future development. Of course, you can make your own.

    The morata subsection

    You can read the comment there. We need someone to take over the job by starting to collect all the city information windows. It's a windows for the future Emperor Quest. And Morata, in v27c6 is becoming one of the largest City in the Continent.


    A new page on magic. Not much content yet. But after developping sculptor, undead, knight, i'm sure the author will move over either to thief or magic user class. And i bet it will be magic user skill. A clue for that, more info are starting to flow about Mana management and a first description of the magic system in the latest chap.

    Front page

    Updated with the latest MTL link.

    List of previous links were taken out. It's was repetitive.

    More links added

    More links were added related to Master and Emperor quest . And especially the story arc section, which i'm really looking forward to. It's helpful and exciting stuff. 

    New forum section

    Discussion are taking place with Fizzmoney. But we are not ready yet. Check his wallpage for more information.


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