NEWS - 4 March 2017
Rainbow-turtle 2

Rainbow Turtle's translations

Rainbow turtle is planning to post her translation at Gravity Tales, and therefore will delete her actual website  before June.

  • LMS chapters should be transfered to Gravity Tales
  • Other chapters (that isn’t LMS) will be transferred to her old website, before June, which she will be keeping as a backup
  • Volumes 21,22 and 27 should also be RE-translated.
  • For more news on her others work, you can read the original message here

UPDATE - 18 March 2017

  • A few translations of Rainbow turtle have finaly been uploaded on Wuxiaworld.
  • LMS chapters are still not to be found on Gravity tales ( another translation instead has been uploaded there). 

UPDATE - 18 May 2017

  • Previous website now closed.
  • Rainbow Turtle's translation of LMS are finally back on good old Arkmachinetranslation, next to Ark translation.

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