Weed Relationships

Weed, Dain and Seoyoon

The Manhwa is back. Season 2 is starting. Already 10 chapters out (chapter 53-62 ). Fanlation is done by Game of Scanlation (season 2) and Mangacow (season 1). 

Also, new images are already being added on the wiki by Marzarret

Enjoy the reading and share with us the difference you otice between the novel and the manhwa in the comment section. 



First impression :

  • Drawing got better, and story and characters are closer to the novel description. This is especially true for Weed. 
  • Also, chapter 53 is almost like an introduction. It is a good character summary for Weed. In my opinion, the reframing after season 1 was needed. 

 Definitively worth waiting.