Introduction Edit

A fearsome monster to face if not properly prepared. Vampire Queens excel in the use of illusion and charm magic, but lack the physical abilities of male(Torido)/lower level vampires.
Vampire queen

NPC History Edit

A 2nd tier vampire, second only to the Vampire Lord Torido. They have a strong control over lower level vampire soldiers and are a strong adversary due to their prowess in illusion and charm magic. [1]

Along with the entire vampire race, Vampire Queens are vulnerable to holy magic.

The first Vampire Queen was introduced in Torido's black castle on the third floor, we don't know much about her, not even her name. She was suppressed "fast and clean" by the combined attack of Freya's troops and Weed Lion's Roar disrupting her magical power.[2]

Special Skills Edit

Illusion & charm magic but lack of physical abilities. [3]

References Edit

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