One of the unique item of Necromancer related professions, obtained by Weed after defeating Van Hawk in Lavias[1].He used this item in Basra Dungeon, one of the many Dungeons cleared by Weed[2]. Also known as the Helm of the Death Knight[3].

Item Information

                            Van Hawk’s Magic Helm[4]
Durability: 90/90                     Defense: 25
Helmet worn by a Death Knight. It’s dome-shaped and covers the head completely;
offers great defense. Van Hawk’s strength is contained within.

Level 200

400 Strength

+30 Strength

+10 Agility

+15 Vitality

+10 Intelligence

+15 Resistance to dark magic

+10 Affinity with undead

Allows you to command undead of up to level 50.

The rank and number of undead commanded will depend on Charisma.


  • Later when Van Hawk is beaten admit to Weed, the helm is returned to Van Hawk. Only sometimes Weed will borrow the helm when Weed revived with [[[Power to Reject Death|Power to reject Death]]], like when fighting the Bone Dragon in the Cold Roses's Northern Expedition[5].
Helmet of the death knight2

Van Hawk's Helmet


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