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A Death Knight under direct command of the Lich Bar Khan and was entrusted to guard the stolen relic of Freya, Helain’s Grail, that was enshrined at Bar Khan's Crypt located under the Sky City, Lavias. [1] [2]

After his defeat, he became Weed's summon through the Crimson Necklace of Life. Later on he was freed from Bar Khan's influence and was able to remember his life prior to becoming an Undead. [3]

Life Edit

As a Knight Edit

Van Hawk was a boasted as the most brilliant Knight from the 167th platoon of Kallamore Empire and a loyal Knight for Emperor Theodore.[4] A [[Kallamore Knight Sword|sword] was awarded to him by Emperor Theodore on Kallamore's 651st year.

Immortal Legion Edit

Sometime prior to the story, he was killed and forced resurrected as a Death Knight by the Lich Bar Khan. He leads units of Dark Army until Bar Khan Demorph got stabbed by Sword of Lugh and lost his power.[5] He served under the direct command of Bar Khan along with Lich Shire and Vampire Lord Tori.

Serving under Weed Edit

When Van Hawk was summoned for the first time, resented Weed for killing him and stealing his equipment, like Van Hawk’s Magic Helm[6]. He was repeatedly summoned by Weed to improve his skill mastery, even after he recognized him as his master. [7]

He was summoned to battle for the first time when Weed was given the task to eliminate the True Blood Vampires and retrieve the Crown of Fargo. Weed was upset that Van Hawk gains his own experience while Weed had to give 20% of his to Van Hawk. [8] Through hunting with Weed in the North he was able to reach a level of 290. [9]

Fighting battles together with Weed, he eventually broke free from Bar Khan's spell and remembered his previous life as a knight. [10] Weed stopped wearing the necklace since he's able to summon Van Hawk without it. [11]

Over the time, he became Weed most faithful servant and ally. He rushes to the front lines directly engaging with enemies and sometimes move to protect allies from danger.

Becoming Abyss Knight Edit

Upon seeing the Kallamore Kingdom ransacked by the Haven Empire, Van Hawk felt an insatiable loyalty. Even though he had been forcibly brought back from the grave by Bar Khan he still had his loyalties to Emperor Theodore of the Kallamore Kingdom. After finding that the tomb of Emperor Theodore got raided and all of his valuable items got looted, Van Hawk was seriously angered and awoken the deep hatred feeling towards the human. Using the darkness he becomes a legendary undead, Abyss knight seeking revenge but at that time he was summoned back to the past. [12]

After coming back to the future he summons his old knight troop in order to retake the kingdom.

Skills Edit

  • Van Hawk pledging to serve weed
  • First appearance of Van Hawk (season 2)

Combat Ability Edit

Van Hawk has the sword ability of a Kallamorian Knight and power of an Undead.

  • Death Blade: "His weapon greatly darkened and a few moments later it let out thousands of finest threads, which struck attacking enemies in the chest." [13]
  • Power of Darkness: increased weapon damage and defense in armor [9]
  • Spread of the Abyss: "The dark aura spread out from Van Hawk. His left hand was holding a spear and his right hand a sword as he wielded the weapons. Dark aura split into many branches and attack all enemies around the area. Low level enemies hit by the dark aura will lose their life, while it will give serious damage to High level users. This skill can also break through shields and armors."[14]
  • More to come

Leadership skills Edit

  • Instill fear, except to high level (very high fighting spirit combined with undead status).
  • High level knight, second in rang only to Doom knights.
  • Has the ability to command 700-1000 Doom Knights.[15]
  • Can control and lead Undead corps, up to 30.000 undead [16].

Known Weakness Edit

Limited weakness but has to submit to Weed's will and cannot have the equipment he wants. Can resist daylight but is still vulnerable to silver and Holy magic.

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