Village of Exiles is a small human village in the plains of despair.

Location Edit

The village is east most in the Plains of Despair. The Yuroki mountain range can be clearly seen from village. There is an iron mine near the Village. The place where it’s located is really very dangerous due to the Orcs and the high Level monsters around.

History Edit

This village appeared here in the Times of Chaos. Those were times when everyone went mad and ran rampant. Their ancestors came to these lands and fought for their lives. To be honest they were willing to fight, but they had no weapons. They were driven to the plains of despair without as much as a hilt of a sword.

Survivors were wandering the land of monsters in search for a place to settle. Their first choice was a huge cave, but not everyone liked the idea of living in a constant darkness. Gradually more and more people were coming outside, and eventually they decided to found a village. At that moment there were still a lot of survivors. But they had a disagreement. They’ve split in 2 camps: ones, who didn’t want to change anything and ones who wanted to leave the cave. The latter were the ones who founded the village and later built the wall around it. Unfortunately 99 of every hundred died in the process.

Through trial and error, each of them costed human lives, the survivors acquired new knowledge. They learned which places to avoid, discovered habits of monsters and predators of this land. They started to better understand the world around them. Around that time life in the village started to become safe.  To survive they had to become stronger. All the villagers mastered weapons, especially bows: some of them are even better at it than dark elves. There’s an iron mine nearby, so they can forge weapons. they have plenty of food too. Every year at harvest time they come to plunder their barns. Orcs are the only reason they don’t live in abundance. But sadly they are also the reason they don’t have to deal with other, more dangerous monsters. So they live in poverty, but relatively safe.

However a few years ago orcs started taking not just food, but villagers. After all they can’t make anything themselves! The orcs are the worst race with regard to crafting. That’s why they take people away, so that they make weapons and do other work for them. In the last few years they took more than a hundred people.

Storyline Edit

State Edit

The Village of Exiles didn’t have any stores, but he has artisan, like blacksmith for example. Villagers are exchanging and buying things from each other.

Places Edit

Lucille Blacksmith

Quests Edit

Ref Edit

Vol 5 Ch 5

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