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Introduction Edit

Usually playing as a duo, with his girlfriend. He is a high level Paladin and a Dark Gamer who first was looking for Weed, following his fame as a Sculptor[1]. Wanting to marry her, he asked a sculpture to Weed.

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and SkillsEdit


  • Faith is obviously a strong stat for a paladin.




  • Mithril Armor[7]
  • Mithril Boots [8]
  • Mithril Gaiters [9]
  • Life Cotton Ring[10]

Trivia Edit

  • He had a scarily massive body, but what was scarier was his face.  Considering that someone whose countenance could make even an Orc’s heart skip a few beats. His appearance is very "Geomchi" alike[11].
  • On Volk’s outfit, appeared shiny Mithril armor. His trousers were covered by a pair of Mithril gaiters. Even his boots turned into Mithril. He’s wearing a life cotton ring, a rare item that doubles maximum life! A priceless treasure! His earrings resist the element of lightning.
  • He can travel incognito and hide his shining appearance. That's how he approached Weed[12].
  • A pub. A place that is usually filled with hearty laughter and clamorous noises had been silent for the last few days all because of a single man, Volk. He had a scarily massive body, but what was scarier was his face. Considering that someone whose countenance could make even an Orc's heart skip a few beats, had been drinking gloomily all day long, it was hardly surprising that the pub was drowned in silence.  Volk made a terrifying face while drinking. Volk wanted to propose to a lady. His heart-breaking anguish wasn't visible to others. He needed a gift for her. He heard of a sculptor in the Serabourg Citadel. He will ask him to make something for me. If he makes something that pleases his heart, he will give him the most precious thing he have in return. With that kind of promise in mind, Volk left the pub stumbling[13].
  • Upon leaving the Citadel of Serabourg, Volk made a cheesy smile.  Full of humorous heart that betrayed his scary countenance, Volk had sincerely desired to reward Weed, who had created the bouquet with all his heart.  The book of the City of Heaven, book ! Truthfully, Volk had spent two months to a get hold of it. According to the book, it is a mysterious place that even he had not put his foot on. One of the reasons he had come to Rosenheim Kingdom was to visit the city. But the proposal to the lady who had stolen his heart outweighed anything else. Volk had given Weed the book in return of the bouquet, but it felt like nothing. Holding the bouquet dearly, Volk headed for Brent Kingdom, where the dear lady was[14].
  • The primary motive for starting the online game was to protect her by her side. For the sake of this person, who was a priestess, he had selected the Paladin knight class for his avatar. During a year of numerous missions and battles, she had not died once owing to his devotion and sacrifice. He had also enjoyed his second life that was accompanied by blessing and healing from her. The bond between them had deepened as months went by, and he was so happy every time he saw her[15].