Volume 6, Chapter 1: "Delight"

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Weed comes to the decision to reject the A-Rank Quest of facing off against the Undead Legion of Shire the Lich within the Plains of Despair. Despite the rejection, Barabol offers Weed a second chance to accept, and leaves a warning this time around that Weed's decision will have an effect amongst the people across all the continents. Realizing that the Fame he built up to this point is at stake here, Weed finally forces himself to accept the quest despite knowing how incredibly difficult it will be.

With only 30 days to prepare for the Undead Legion's arrival, the orcs and dark elves come to a mutual understanding for the time being in order to team up against Shire's undead army. The Necromancers, Rosenheim soldiers, and Freya Priests, join in as well. Due to the damage from the orc and dark elf war, Weed's new army combine their efforts to begin fixing up what's left of the black temple fortress in order to have a front line base of operations in the Yuroki Mountains. Soon after, Weed logs out.

In real life, Lee Hyun uses his computer to browse through the Royal Road auction site, and then decides to upload a Hall of Fame video on the game's main website of his current quest. Viewers find it to be a joke at first seeing the video poster as an amateur for uploading an unedited video that goes for almost 20 hours. However, as the video goes on, the viewers become shocked in excitement at how incredible the footage is when it begins showing off Karachwi's orc war against the dark elves. They continue watching to the point in the black temple where Weed receives an A-Rank Quest from the Necromancers led by Barabol to face off against Shire and his Undead Legion. To the viewer's amazement, one of the rewards if the A-Rank Quest succeeds is the Necromancer class being unlocked for players.

Hyun got to sleep for 5 hours while his video uploaded. However, the comment section for his Hall of Fame video had already blown up with many people leaving speculations about what's going on in the posted footage. In the end, Hyun remains disappointed that his first video only got about 70,000 hits compared to other Hall of Fame users getting hits in the millions.

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  1. Weed makes his decision that he will not accept Barabol's A-Rank Quest since his forces won't be strong enough to face off against Shire the Lich's Undead Legion even with the orcs and dark elves fighting together. His Rosenheim soldiers and Freya Priests begin to hate him for refusing the quest.
  2. Barabol offers the A-Rank Quest once more to Weed as a warning that the entire Versailles Continent is at risk if Shire's Undead Legion isn't defeated. Weed tries to continue backing off knowing how difficult the quest will be, but Barabol warns him that people across all continents will be affected by Weed's decision. Knowing that he could lose all the Fame he worked for up to this point, Weed finally accepts the A-Rank Quest to face off against Shire's Undead Legion.
  3. Now as allies, the orc and dark elves put aside their differences for the time being to turn their attention onto Shire's Undead Legion. They spend the time they have remaining fixing up the black temple fortress for the legion's arrival. The Necromancers, Freya Priests, and Rosenheim soldiers are also part of the army.
  4. To fix the black temple fortress, the orcs are used to move boulders given their strength, the dark elves carved the boulders with their magic, and the soldiers of Rosenheim used their human hands to patch up the damage.
  5. Amongst Weed's loot from the orc and dark elf war is a Orc Captain's Digging Glaive. Equipping the glaive adds +20 to a Battle Cry skill and +10 Strength. However, Agility is reduced 30, and attack accuracy is decreased 25%. 
  6. Weed decides that the digging glaive is useless. Amongst his loot is also 5 orc armors, 2 elf headbands, and a bad clothing that has 7 penalties. He finds the elf items to be worthy loot since they come with resistance to spirits and raised affinity to the elements.
  7. After logging out, Lee Hyun checks the Royal Road auction site on his computer, but ends up seeing no noteworthy changes. 
  8. Lee Hyun signs into his account on the Royal Road website and decides to upload his first video of the quest he's currently on now that he's part of the Hall of Fame. Instead of editing it down to make it more watchable, Hyun decides to just upload the entire raw video to the website. Hyun then puts his computer on sleep mode while the upload continues in order to take a break.
  9. The video Lee Hyun uploads to the Royal Road website ends being 19 hours and 49 minutes long. Commenters who notice the Hall of Fame video laugh at how much of a novice the video owner is for not editing down the video, and find it to be a joke. However, the first person who chose to watch the video starts to see the footage, and 30 minutes in leaves a comment that he plans to watch the whole thing since it's the best thing he's ever seen.
  10. Viewers begin to watch the video to see if said commenter is telling the truth, and sure enough, the become excited to remain watching as they witness Karachwi the orc gives off a pre-battle monologue, and then watch as his 400,000 orcs attack the 10,000 dark elves defending their black temple fortress.
  11. The viewers watching the video realize that Karachwi is a player when it gets to the point that he reunites with the Rosenheim soldiers and Freya Priests that snuck around the orc and dark elf war.
  12. Viewers continue watching the video to the point where Karachwi transforms back into Weed in the black temple, and confronts the Necromancers that are prepared to surrender. They watch Barabol explain to Weed the truth about Bar Khan Demoph once being a good man, and that their true enemy was his disciple named Shire.
  13. The viewers become excited when they see that Weed has unlocked an A-Rank Quest for discovering that the Necromancers are innocent, and that the ability to unlock the Necromancer class will be possible if the quest succeeds.
  14. Hyun's Hall of Fame video starts shortly before Karachwi arrives at the black temple with his 400,000 orcs, and ends at the point where Weed's army begins to repair the black temple fortress.
  15. Hyun got to sleep for 5 hours having to wait on his Hall of Fame video to upload. During that time, the comment section for his video had blown up due to many users speculating what's going on in the footage. Most admit that they've never seena race like the dark elves, or the ability to shapeshift into an orc. They also try to pinpoint where in the game this is all taking place, and post their appreciation for the orc race.
  16. One commenter mentions that there's 87 different orc species identified on the continent of Versailles. People are also left debating if the orcs are related to the Brent Kingdom or not.
  17. Turning his computer off sleep mode to see the results, Hyun is left disappointed that his video only got 70,000 hits. For comparison, other Hall of Fame videos can get hits in the millions, and Bard Ray's video that announced his top level scored as high as 1.7 billion hits.
  18. It's said that during Hyun's 5 hour sleep, his Hall of Fame video started gaining hits 3 hours in.

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