Water-spirit, giant

Very little is known about Water spirits.

Summoning Edit

Dark elves have been seen to summon "Undine’s of water" to send them in Battle. v5c9

Some shaman are known to have strong affinities with water spirit. 

Special Skills Edit

More information to come

Weaknesses Edit

Weakness to fire and lighting magic. But to use lightning magic with water spirit has a high probability to cause collateral damage to the surrounding.

Boss Class MonsterEdit

It is said that giant water spirit exists, class Boss type of monster, with extremely powerful water magic, at the level of a natural disaster.

More data Edit

First appearance : the Lake of Soul, v5c7. The Lake was discovered by Pale's father. v5c7.

Pale and Weed's party went there to hunt there during Weed's first S class quest.

Nothing is known about their origin / plane of existence.

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