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Lee Hyun, also known as "Weed", is the main protagonist of the light novel and manwha, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.


Lee Hyun is a high school drop-out with an enormous debt inherited from his deceased parents. Upon placing his gaming avatar from the game "The Continent of Magic" on an auction, the news spreads nationwide. A fierce competition to win Hyun's avatar breaks out due to its fame. The price is eventually raised to ₩3.1 billion won (around 2.76 million US dollars). However, then loan sharks show up at the hospital where his ailing grandmother is to collect the debt owed by his father. He's then left with only ₩90 million won (around 80 thousand US dollars) ... ₩60 million of which goes to pay for a small house for his grandmother and sister to live in. The loan sharks leave with a challenge to Lee Hyun to make the same amount of money in five years to get his revenge on them. Determined to send his little sister, Hayan, to college and take revenge on the loan sharks he begins to train his body in martial arts and learns how to play the most popular game in Korea, the virtual reality MMORPG "Royal Road". Lee Hyun begin to create a strong and famous avatar in Royal Road in order to make money and have his revenge.

Using his old avatar name, 'Weed', he spends 4 in-game weeks swinging a sword at a training scarecrow nonstop at his starting city, Serabourg City situated in the Rosenheim Kingdom. He befriends players and looks for a class that will make him powerful enough to become rich.

Over the course of the novel, he is given the hidden class 'Legendary Moonlight Sculptor'. He also begins to attend university after being tricked by his sister and grandmother into applying for it. He proceeds to become the Lord of Morata, a town of Royal Road.

In order to gain information, Lee Hyun joins the Dark Gamers Union.His fame gains him a spot in the 'Hall of Fame' which allows only people in the top 500 players of Royal Road to place videos of their adventures online. Players receive an income depending on how many views their video has and the player's overall ranking in the Hall of Fame. As a result of his exploding popularity, Lee Hyun is contacted by KMC media to buy the right to broadcast his adventures on their chanel which increased the number of viewers, raising KMC MEDIA'S status among its peers[2]

Lee Hyun is currently the King of the Arpen Kingdom.

His Birthday is October 5.


  • Beginner Weed
  • Riding a dragon
  • As Arthand
  • Weed vs. Van Hawk
  • Weed - the evil schemer
  • Skills Sculpting Blade/Sword Kaiser

Lee Hyun/Weed looks like an average male of his age. He looks the same in the game. He has a muscular body and black hair.


To describe Lee Hyun/Weed's personality in one phrase, whether in the real world or the game world, is that Lee Hyun/Weed is The devil incarnate that lives and breathes for money. This twisted personality formed due to several factors from his harsh past, the main factor being that his family was left poor and debt-ridden due to the his deceased parents, and the uncaring stance that the government took during this period of his life. Despite Lee Hyun/Weed's cruel and greedy nature, at heart he is a family man that loves and takes care of his Sister and Grandmother to the best of his abilities.

Lee Hyun/Weed's materialistic personality often affects his physical actions, causing him to stay up for hours at a time to earn a single item more in the game or shed tears should he lose items which are worth a substantial amount of money. Lee Hyun/Weed will never hesitate to lie, flatter, or commit humiliating acts to obtain money, items, equipment or objects to use or auction online. On rare occasions, Lee Hyun spends or invests money if he deems it necessary for any current quests and/or jobs at hand that will bring in rewards greater than his earlier investment proving his great financial insight. He perceives wasting time as means to a loss in monetary gain.

Lee Hyun/Weed trusts no one and nothing with few exceptions, simply put: it’s hard to earn his trust and it’s even harder to earn his complete trust.

Lee Hyun/Weed’s list of the most important things and/or people that he can trust (in order):

  1. His Family members
  2. Jeong Seoyoon
  3. Money
  4. His Sword master (Ahn Hyundo)
  • His Friends
  • Fellow Dojang members

Lee Hyun/Weed's Strengths/Good Points

  • Hard worker
  • Persistent
  • Family Man

Lee Hyun/Weed's Weaknesses/Bad Points

  • His greed
  • His Grandma
  • His little sister Lee Hayan
  • His singing
  • His drawing skills
  • Elders

Lastly, not only is he very defensive toward others,[3] he also has a very unforgiving and vengeful personality especially in Continent of Magic. The risk of "Continual revenge coming from Weed unlike simple, short revenges from Geomchis" has to be considered. This decreased slightly when he switched over to Royal Road[3] But he can also have his soft and tender side, with his dog or toward Seoyoon. For example, while she was ill, he spoonfed Seoyoon Porridge.[3]

His Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Class Edit

He is the only player who inherited this special "Moonlight" attribute to sculptor class, aside from Master Zahab himself (NPC).

An unexpected heritageEdit

  • He was first offered the hidden class 'Moonlight Sculptor', which he refused, before being offered the 'Legendary Moonlight Sculptor' hidden class that he accepted at level 68 Volume 1 Chapter 8 without knowing which class he was offered.
  • It took him some time to see the potential the sculptor class hides and slowly accepted and started to love it.
  • Later on, he refused to change class to Master Fighter after completing the basic training hall[4]

When he started playing, the artistic classes were regarded as useless, because the players were seen as weak in combat and useless overall. But only after crossing the Plains of Despair did Weed seem to truly understand the Sculptor profession.[5]

Three set of skillsEdit

Like every human, elf, or dwarf, Weed can only have area of sculpting expertise [6]. There is a distinction between a special skill, learned from a master, and an area of expertise, which is related to your class evolution.

First skill set : Moonlight sculpting Edit

With hard work, and heavy expenses, Weed was able to rise at the summit of his own art and become the first player to ever achieve mastery in his field. [7]

Through his extraordinary performance (check the list of his sculpture), and a bit of luck too, he changed the view of players regarding all the artistic profession, especially sculptors. His favorite colors are white or transparent blue[8].

Second skill set : Nature sculpting Edit

  • He learned this skill with the master sculptor Daycram.

More to come

Third skill set : Time sculpting Edit

  • First, he had to collect all 5 expert skills. He could then access the special quest: Nodule & Hilderun
  • A major quest with various stages, which leads to the destruction of Ausollet, the Dragon of Chaos and the unholy root of the Embinyu church in the Central Continent.
  • The reward is the time sculpting skill.

More to come

His swordsmanship skill Edit

Since the beginning he worked hard to raise his sword skill.

  • Even before playing, in real life, he trained his combat skill. Later on, he became Geomchi's first disciple[9].
  • He started in the beginning training center[10] in Rosenheim, then in Lavia,the basic training center and recently raised his skill up to the intermediary training center[11] in one of the 12 Heriam Towers.
  • The 2 other Moonlight sculptors, Zahab and Geihar, were masters of both sculpting and swordsmanship. From them, he learned the Imperial sword skill and the Radiant sword skill[12]. He also learned the Sword cloning skill[13] from the sword master Ash, introduced to him via the Geomchis.
  • Through Sculptural Destruction, he can also raise his combat stats (vitality, health, strength, agility, etc) and therefore balance his handicap as a sculptor[14].
  • During the warring age quest, he became for a short period of time, the highest and most powerful warrior. He even became Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

His other manual skills Edit

The main asset of a sculptor is his handicraft skill and the ability to learn every other manual skill (up to the level of master). Through hard work, Weed used this opportunity to learn and rise to advanced level in many different skills, from cooking to sailing... These abilities strongly contributed to make Weed self-sufficient and helpful to others. In the end, he became an exceptional Jack of All trades.

List of skills & sub-skills Edit

  • Bandaging
  • Blacksmithing ( & Polishing) + Repairing Items
  • Ceramic Making
  • Cooking ( & Alcohol Brewing)
  • Fishing
  • Herb Picking
  • Item Identification
  • Leather working
  • Mining
  • Painting (basic skill, used for mapping an area)
  • Riding (not formally described)
  • Sailing (advanced level 1)[15]
  • Tailoring (& Ironing)
  • Ship building

Special power Edit

  • Power to Reject Death[16], beginner level 5 [17].
  • Divine Fire:(A gift from Hestia after the sculptor master quest) A symbol of Hestia - utilized for art, production, and combat. It will raise all the values and sometimes will cause a miracle. Consume a certain amount of mana to dissolve, burn, or lay over your weapon to attack enemies. It will assist in the creation of works of art. By creating a religious work, there is a very high probability that faith will increase. A double effect will be given when used in smelting. Pure crystals can be obtained while processing minerals and Hestia’s blessing will be applied when added to equipment. Can be used to both attack and defend during combat. An additional 7% fire damage will be added to all attack skills. As the skill level rises, the damage will increase by 3%. Fire skills will be applied twice. It will deal an additional 5 times the damage to demonic or undead monsters.[18]

Latest standEdit

Sculpting skillEdit

  • After the Earth Palace battle, Weed’s handicraft and sculpting skill both raised to 97% advanced level 9[19]. One last final step remains to reach the master level. At this point, no one has reached it.
  • Time Sculpting just reached intermediate level[20], after completing his Magnum Opus: A beautiful world.

Swordman skillEdit

  • Weed leveled up his sword combat skill up to advanced level 5 [21]
  • He practiced the Dual Swordsmanship[22], probably while being in contact with Bahamorg... who masters the skill.

Other skillsEdit

  • Blacksmithing skill is advanced level 2 [23],
  • Cooking skill is advanced level 2[24],
  • Sewing skill reached intermediate level 7[25],
  • Handicraft skill reached master level [26]
  • Close Eyes, also known as Close Eyes Tightly or Eyes Shut Tightly.
  • Quadruple Run, also known as Four-Legged running, Four-legged traveling.
  • Severe Blow[27]
  • Precise Attack[28]

His fighting Style (Game World & Real World)Edit

Lee Hyun/Weed displays a versatile range of combat abilities. It's very unusual for a sculptor. But Weed trained one year in real life for that.

In the real world,Edit

Lee Hyun is proficient in many hand to hand martial arts (aikido, kendo, taekwondo) and is considered as the official disciple in his sword training dojang. He is also described as an incredibly strong minded person.[29]

In the game world,Edit

His virtual character Weed has been seen using a variety of items such as bows and swords. Often invoking magic and the use of tactics in war scenarios. It can be said that Weed is both proficient with close combat and strategical combat (due to his quick wits and ability to adapt) although he has stated himself that he prefers close combat, due to his ability to pick up items/japtem as he fights.

List of skills

Fighting while riding 

Instant value appreciation of enemy equipment or fallen items/japtem  


These are various titles that Weed earned in "Royal Road"

Current Title : King of Arpen KingdomEdit

  • Position: King of Arpen Kingdom
  • Offered by: Village Elder
  • When it was offered: Upon reclaiming and populating Morata [30]
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Accepted 

Elder’s proposal to rebuild the Northern Kingdom. Morata and Vargo Fortress are the only cities currently under Weed's command. However many villages come under his rule upon acceptance of joining the Arpen Kingdom. Weed used only 30 gold for the coronation ceremony in which he merely drank a glass of water to be crowned King.

Other titles Edit

  1. Artisan With Exceptional Dexterity [31]
  2. Lich Dungeon Hunter [32]
  3. Count of Morata [33]
  4. Blacksmith with Extensive Experiences [34]
  5. Artisan of Excellent Works [35]
  6. Eternal Sculptor [36]
  7. World-Changing Sculptor [37]
  8. The Courageous [38]
  9. Dragon Slaying Commander [39]
  10. Unknown Ghost Captain who widens the sea [40]
  11. Explorer of the Polar Region [41]
  12. Immortal Warrior [42]
  13. Heir of the Niflheim Empire [43]
  14. Glorious Undead Commander [44]
  15. Disaster-Steering Sculptor [45]
  16. Greatest Ruler in the North [46]
  17. Tenacious Fisherman [47]
  18. Adventurer Who Explored the History of the Continent [48]
  19. King of Arpen Kingdom [49]
  20. Great Sculptor the Dwarves Acknowledge [50]
  21. Sculptor who can express the beauty of the Gods [51]
  22. Hero who Saved the Continent [52]
  23. Demon Slayer [53]
  24. Desert Traveller [54]
  25. Person who calls rain [55]
  26. Thief Leader Subduer[56]
  27. Great Emperor of the Desert
  28. Hero Who Saves the World
  29. Honorable King of Kings[57]
  30. Craftsmanship of Rare Metals[58]
  31. Person who Drives Disaster[59]
  32. Quick Step in the Desert [60]
  33. Person who Walked through the Desert of Tranquility [61]
  34. Master of Sculpting [62]
  35. Disaster Slaughter[63]
  36. Person who Knocked Down a Demon[64]
  37. Sweeping Hunter[65]

He also received nickname/s:

  • Mudfish, nickname given by the Hermes Guild, but this is not a formal Royal Road title[50].

Stats sheets Edit

Historical Stats for all the past stats sheets Weed has had. this is the most current one there is

Character Name: Weed Alignment: Righteous person approved by the Gods
Level 454 Profession:

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor | Necromancer

Title World-changing Sculptor
Position King of the Arpen Kingdom
Fame 305,399 (Above 400,000 points currently)[66]
HP: 97,845 MP: 69,141
Strength: 1,847 Agility: 1,255
Vitality: 322 Wisdom: 440
Intelligence: 517 Fighting Spirit: 634
Endurance: 449 Perseverance: 1,315
Art: 3,513 Charisma: 723
Leadership: 956 Luck: 304
Faith: 764 + 435 Charm: 954 + 30
Toughness: 631 Dignity: 556
Mentality: 322 Courage: 414
Honor: 887 Insight: 101
Affinity to Nature 2,288
Attack: 9,502 Defense: 2,691
Magic Resistance
Fire: 49% Water: 46%
Earth: 43% Black Magic: 44%

+ All stats have an additional 20 points added. + The Art stat is granted an additional 80 points. + All stats will increase by 30% on a moonlit night. + Specialized items. + All production skills can be learnt up to the master level. Preferential treatment will be applied to the skills of all items manufactured with Smelting. You can learn the best skills. + Unusual sculptures or sculptures with high artistic value will increase your fame. + All stats have been raised by 381 points due to sculptures, production skills, combat experience and quests. + All skills improve 6% faster. + 15 to all stats from equipped bracelet.

Items Edit

Volume 1 Edit

  • Zahab's Legacy - wooden sculpture of a rabbit girl containing Zahab's master skill
  • Queen Evane’s Handkerchief - a handkerchief personally used by Queen Evane. It was used by Weed to meet Sage Rodriguez.
  • Hard Iron Sword - awarded to him after completing the Basic Training Program.

I love beautiful statues. The statues that are carved with the magnificent spirit of Kvasir have never forsaken me. As long as I love and trust them, they are loyal to me.

Who will believe this? That this lowly Sculpture Mastery is the cornerstone of my quest from a humble farmer in a country town to the man who united the Continent. Listen, my successor who walks in the path of sculpture.
A very difficult path awaits you. The path that a hundred out of a hundred men shall give up and a nation of men will not fare any better.
However, my successor, I encourage you to stay the course in the face of the toughest challenges. Hardship brings a value of its own, and toughness produces a result of its own too.
The Grand Master of Sculpture!
You must learn the secrets of Sculpture Mastery which I failed to learn. It shall remain the wish of every man who has learned the sculptural art.
I hereby entrust you gifts of value.
The Emperor Geihar, the conqueror of the earth, the sea and the sky through Sculpture Mastery.
* Medicine of the Emperor

The Emperor Geihar Von Arpen recorded the Flawless Sword Techniques on behalf of the Imperial Family’s perpetuity and prosperity.

The book is composed of five movements and one footstep.
All members of the Imperial Family were, by origin, knights. The skill is initially restricted to the Knight class, but the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen considered his successor in Sculpture Mastery, so he refined the skill for a Sculptor to learn a weakened version of the skill.
* Wooden Statue

Durability: 1/1

This statue contains the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen’s skills.
Equips: Enables you to acquire a unique skill to give the breath of life to any statue.
Requirement: Expert stage in Sculpture Mastery
=== Volume 2 ===

Was used to Journey to the city of Lavias.

  • Hammer and Chisel for Sculpture

Durability: 10/10

They are a set of items for stone carving. Relatively cheap, they are dull and easily breakable. Careful handling is recommended.

Volume 3 Edit

Volume 4 Edit

Volume 17 Edit

  • Unknown Emperor’s Royal Seal (Ahreupen Emperor's)

Volume 20? Edit

Volume 27 Edit

Volume 44 Edit

Volume 46 Edit

Volume 50 Edit

Achievement Edit

  • Received Zahab’s Legacy
DUNGEON: You are the very first players to discover Memphis Hall.

Reward: Fame +100. Every day for one week, double EXP and double item drops. The rarest items will drop from killing the first monster of each type. Subsequent kills will drop common items.

  • Completed Memphis Hall B1 Floor Map

for the first time.Fame has increased by 20 (+20 Fame)

Stuff Sold online Edit

  • CoM Account (3,090,000,000 won)

Artistic production Edit

To find more about his sculptural production .

For detailed information about a specific sculpture, check here

Living statues (RR) and Pets (RL) Edit

About his [lifeform|Living sculptures]

About his other pets

List of Sculptures Edit

Go to Sculpture


  • Lee Hyun once played 204 hours (8 days, 12 hours) on "Continent of Magic" nonstop without eating or sleeping. The only reason he stopped at 204 hr was because his mouse broke.
  • Lee Hyun is ignorant or simply lacking in knowledge about certain things in or about life that other people his age/generation would know; those type of knowledge he simply ignores if he knows what it is and if it doesn't benefit him or his family.
  • Weed's videos are the most watched Royal Road program on TV. and Hall of Fame.
  • He is the first person to complete a master quest as well as getting a final quest.
  • He is also the first human in the history of Royal Road to kill a dragon.
  • Weed was the strongest undead 'alive' when he went back in time on Royal Road.
  • "Wings of Light," a sculpture made by Weed, was not considered a full sculpture (or a self-sustained individual entity) after receiving life, and was treated like a parasite since it needed a host to function. Weed can attach them to his back, giving himself the ability to fly. He can also remove them and give them to others as he sees fit.


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