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A guild founded in Kuroso, hidden City from the Dwarven kingdom (also translated as Armen Kingdom) during the initial stages of Royal Road (v?c?). It is known that they did not secure a special base in any Kingdom after establishment. As it is a guild made up of only a few people, the identity of its members and its exact numbers have not been confirmed.

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This guild has not engaged in any wars, and have not shown any particularly notable activities.

Through occasional guild hunts, they have been seen defeating very strong boss monsters; this is a powerful guild that cannot be disregarded.

Though they are classified as having a friendly disposition, the guild members’ standard is very high.

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Financial power: Estimated to be above average. Their fixed revenue has not been confirmed.

From Weed's perspective of view, this guild is not like normal random guild. When Weed (in the form of the Dwarf Art Hand) is invited to join this guild by Herman, he hide his level and his profession. But when he use Guild Chat, his real name appeared.

Even though Weed introduced him as 'The Sculpture Weed' and Lord of Morata, they were not making commotion, like other normal users, so that means they are rather professional and high level player. In the Guild chat, some of the Guild members talking about how to hunt Claude and it is not that hard to defeat Claude. Claude is a level 380 monster, and at that time, defeating one not suppose to be a simple matter.

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  • Guild leader: Vacant
  • Herman
  • Pin
  • Sabrina
  • Edwin
  • Weed (Joined when he disguised as Art Hand, a dwarf)

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