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Wolf at night


Boss Class Wolf


The wolf is dangerous wandering monster which can be found in many different regions.

Special AttackEdit

They are dangerous for beginners because they are smart, strong and tend to hunt in pack. Except for the Geomchi "the wolves left the world with one scream at a time..."

They tend to appear at night and have good night vision. Wolves can be considered as dangerous wandering monsters, especially when the food is rare (Winter) and the area savage.   

Boss Class MonsterEdit

Silver Wolf Edit

In Rosenheim, a Monster Boss Class Wolf appeared for the first time to confront the Geomchi.[1]

Aside of the Boss monster type, every pack has one or more bigger or smarter wolf (alpha type), at "captain level"[2]


Wolves of Rosenheim Edit

First appearance in volume 1

The Wolf of Rosenheim are for beginners. But a not so typical complete beginner monster... because Wolves can hunt in pack and they have smart boss monster class leaders.

Wolves of Morata Edit

First appearance: Volume 3 Chapter 8

"They are level 170 monsters but many of the wolves tend to wander alone instead of in groups. But in the worst case, you can expect more than 100 wolves at once" [3], hunting in packs.  

Wolves in the Karaka forest  Edit

They are called dread wolves. They particulary active in the forest part of the plain of despair.

Wolves in the plain of despair Edit

"they were attacked by a pack of wolves. "Soul-less Wolves" with levels just below 200, and number over a hundred". Those wolves might be of the undead wild beast type. They have poisonous bites.[4]

More features Edit

"Eating Wolf meat increases health by 300 and increases strength and vitality by 20. It also has the advantage of health regeneration 2% faster than usual and improved fighting spirit"[5] The link between Wolves and Werewolves still has to be cleared. Disease ? Curse magic ? We don't know. 


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