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Small to medium sized Wyvern

Wywern hunting pack

Wyvern hunting in pack

Wyvern heads

Small, medium and large sized wyvern heads


Wyvern is one of the fearsome flying monster on the Central Continent[1]. It is almost never seen tamed & mounted.


  • Wyverns are extremely strong and agressive monsters. Their average level exceed 380, their tough skin was quite resistant against both swords and magic, while in flight, their speed was comparable to that of a running horse[2].
  • Wyvern are fearsome monster with an aggressive and vicious personalities[3].

Monster Information Edit

Bite and claws. Smart monster, even more dangerous when hunting in pack. Strong Resilience to both sword and magic. Able to fight from the air and attack at great speed (a very strong charge). Able to lift in the air normal sized monsters (and drop them down to an almost certain death). Weaker on the ground. Can't run very fast when grounded. Should be attacked from all side by a party when grounded


Normally, they have a vicious personality [4], which makes them difficult to tame and even more to mount. One can easily be thrown from the sky to his death... Just to feed such a large size monster is already troublesome.  Favorite food : deer and wild boars [5] Subspecies of Wyvern exists. For example, the rare Crimson Wyvern[6]. Can be tamed and use as mount under certain special circumstances (through magic or raised since birth) and with special skill...  The Wyvern also have been the very first living Sculpture created by Weed. It was created in haste in the Yunopu Canyon[7]. Weed was level 299.

  • Weed was the first player known to own his own pack of Wyvern.