Yeti giant close
Giant yeti
Yuroki Mountains

Yuroki Mountains


Yeti are huge, ape like monsters, that live in very cold area like Yuroki Mountains in the Plains of Despair[1].


  • They live in small tribes, in stone caverns.
  • And the male spend most of their time hunting to provide food for the tribe.
  • They are adapted to extremely harsh cold weather condition, have white fur, and their body even radiate coldness[2].

Monster InformationEdit

  • They are level is around 340 and are often considered as dangerous "wandering monsters"[3].
  • They have thick leather and high health[4].
  • They are inmune to Ice Attacks[5].
  • Claw and bite[6].
  • Deliver coldness through their claw : this attack can become very dangerous if not deadly in freezing weather or higher altitude [7].
  • It can even freeze a weapon[8].
  • Usually Yetis appeared in groups of 3 or more[9].
  • They are bit resistant to Dancer crowd-control skills so those skills aren't always successful[10]
  • High level Yetis can have special cold skills and could induce coldness stats[11]:
    • Freezing the body
    • Decrease enemy strength
    • Slow the enemies movements


  • Weak to heat and fire magic
  • Low intelligence, basic battle tactics


  • Weed as an Orc and Seoyoon fought them in the Yunopu Pass, around the Yuroki Mountains[12].
  • These monsters habitat was in higher altitude in the Yuroki Mountains but were driven out to the Yunopu Canyon by other monsters[13]
  • The Yetis also live in the Horom Moutain, Yuroki's highest peak[14], where a larger tribe can be found.
  • Yeti hides are a very valuable item, clothes made from it can protect from the cold[15].
  • When Weed cooked and ate the yeti's meat, it provided a strength bonus to his stats[16].
  • Weed, Pale, Irene, Romuna, Surka, Zephyr, Mapn, Hwaryeong and some of the Geomchis went to hunt Yetis in the Horom Mountain[17].
  • Weed sewed Yeti Leather Clothes from the loot he picked and gave it to his friends[18].