Yeti giant close

Giant Yeti

Level 340+, can be wandering monsters in the moutains. 

 Special Skills Edit

  • Giant yeti
    Deliver coldness through his claw : radiate strong cold, can become very dangerous if not deadly in freezing weather or higher altitude [1][2]
  • High health and thick leather skin[3]
  • Can be meet in smaller or larger group.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Fire magic
  • Not very smart

Boss Class Monster Edit

Nothing much is said so far of Boss class Hunter. But does exist.

Location Edit

To be found in the Yunopu pass, where they cannot be avoided. And all over the Yuroki Mountains, especially in the higher altitude. 

  • First appearance in the yunopu Canyon in the northern part of Plains of Despair. [4]
  • Second appearance in the Horom moutain, Yuroki's highest moutain. [5]

More features Edit

  • Description of deliver cold  The colder the weather, the stronger they become. Very dangerous if meet during a snow storm or in the higher part of a moutains. If not protectect, you will loose strengh, attack and movement speed. You are likely to catch a cold. In severe case, you can freeze to death. It can also freeze a weapon. [6]

References Edit

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