Real Life Name is Lee Hayan. Also translated Lee Hye-yeon [1]


She is the younger sister of Lee Hyun. She joined Royal Road very late compared to her brother and his friends[2]. Unlike others, she is not focused on developing her game character, but instead chhoses to simply enjoy her life in RR while practicing her drawing skills and drawing. She might make her living out of it. [3]


She is considered to be a very attractive female, as she was considered to be a school idol while she attended high school. Her brother and the Geomchi are watching over her[4]


There are parts of her that are very similar to her brother[5], i.e. things that deal with money[6], while there are other parts of her that are completely opposite to her brother. Also, she has more common sense than Lee Hyun. Among her close friends (real life), she is consider a cheapskate which is similar to her brother, but in a tuned down version.

Unlike her brother, Yurin is not greedy but she is a person that can be considered a bit frugal. Overall, she has a friendly and good natured personality but she also has a fierce feminine side on her that she doesn’t show her brother much.

In front of Lee Hyun, she wants to be the good little sister and that fierce side, for example, is for people who disturb her time with her brother[7]. Lee Hayan/Yurin also has an odd taste for what to call cool & not cool beside the normal female stuffs. Lee Hayan/Yurin is a very intelligent and clever person[8], but in a different way than her brother.

Lee Hayan/Yurin is part friendly and nice, while the other part of her is…let's call it the "Weed syndrom"; majority of her personality is friendly and nice, only a part of her she learned/got it from her brother, which acted de facto as her father.



Lee Hayan/Yurin only has two family members left, her brother Lee Hyun/Weed and her grandma. She has a close relationship with her family, especially with her older brother. Ever since she saw how her brother was going through pain to keep her in school, she looks up to her brother, Lee Hyun, the most[9].

Friends, Associates, and AcquaintancesEdit

Lee Hayan/Yurin is friendly and well mannered in most aspects. However, sometimes she does get angry when something displeases her. She gets really well along with others female companions[10]: No one in school ever hated Hayan[11]. She's also well acquainted with the muscle heads from Lee Hyun's dojo and those guys (the older ones) see Hayan as their own little sister.

Future boyfriend ?  Edit

Choi Ji Hoonin game, is hoping to become her boyfriend[12]. Lee Hayan agrees to see him in real life... but every time he came to her place, the real social distance between both worlds is revealed[13] (repairing, cleaning, type of food, etc.)

Also Choi Ji hoon was actually threatened by all the Geomchi[14], including Weed who asked Seoyoon to secretly watch over them in Morata and instatly behead him[15], if Zephyr would dare to take Yurin's hand in game. 

Servants and/or PetsEdit

Lee Hayan/Yurin treat their family animals like her brother does, in a more discrete, toned down version of it[16].

Class Edit

Yurin is not focused on leveling or the pursuit of fame within royal road. During her first four weeks in game she pursued many minor jobs, and worked a lot, in order to make money (clearly Weed alike), and befriended a number of NPC characters. Due to these interactions she was given the opportunity to meet an old painter and was subsequently offered the job of Aqua-light Painter[17].

Aqua-light Painter Edit

Aqua-light Painting: The skill for which the class is named, this allows the fixing of paintings on the surface of water. It is not stated if the paintings have an additional affect beyond increased artistic value.

Picture Teleportation/Movement: By drawing an accurate picture of a location within royal road and adding themselves to it the painter can freely move over any distance. This ability is cheaper and has far greater range than other teleportation options, and seems to only be limited by canvas size and the ability to draw locations accurately. As well as "physical" locations the pictures can move Yurin to spiritual planes, and locations unique to Aqua-light painters.

Picture Modification: Though it is unclear if it is a unique skill, Yurin is able to paint a picture of an opponent and then modify the painting, causing a variety of curses or stat changes to her target. It is unclear how powerful these changes are, or their range/limit.

Fighting Style (Game World)Edit

Because of her class/profession, Lee Hayan/Yurin is weak in combat; she's more helpful in a party while taking the support role, using/doing her painting. Lee Hayan/Yurin doesn’t do combat much, if not at all.

Servants and/or Pets (Game World & Real World)Edit

Since Hayan is smart, she has her own way to make people do her bidding, especially the Geomchis[18]. Like Hyun/Weed, to Hayan/Yurin animals are just stock for consumption.

Aqualight painter by kimoicchi-d67v85o


  • Her in-game name (Yurin) translates to Violation/Abuses/Disaster [19]


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