A unique and precious dragonic item that transcend space and time [1] and that's linked to an important chained quest. It belongs to the dragon Ratuas, won over by Weed, after he defeated the black dragon Aussolet.


Mirror 001

Dragon Mirror

A mirror that reflects Yuskellanda’s form. The material are made with special silver dragon ‘scales.’ Those who own it can use the special effect of the silver dragon. We can probably assume that those are Yuskellanda’s scales.

Special powerEdit

  • There is a 31% chance of reflecting all attacks and magic curses.
  • There is a low probability of reflecting the magic twice.
  • The appearance of the silver dragon Yuskellanda is imprinted on the mirror.
  • No matter how far away the area, you can search it through the mirror once a day.
  • A large number of enemies approaching will be reflected in the mirror.
  • A strong enemy or multiple enemies can be sealed. The seal will loosen and those inside would be released after a week.

Stat bonusEdit

  • Charm +122.
  • Dignity +20.


  • Level 1,000.
  • A minimum of 2,000 strength and wisdom.
  • Durability 80/80.

Even, with Weed's advance level 2 blacksmith skill[2], the restriction is lowered by 48%. Still, he is currently still unable to overrule the level limitation and use that unique item.

A major quest itemEdit

This mysterious item involve a large chained quest.

Latest questEdit

Name: Ratuas'lair Mission: return Yuskellanda's mirror to the dragon Ratuas[3]. It includes :

  • A time limit of 30 days (or the quest will fail)
  • A place : the Forest of Red Reeds
  • An item : Yuskellanda's mirror

Dragon's lair are NOT place you casually barge in. Accessing such a place, without being formally invited is at one's own life risk.

Previous questEdit

After Weed gave Yuskellanda's mirror to the Fairy queen Teneidon, he finished the quest named Dragon’s Curse. It also automatically got the benefits of 9 other linked quest.

Titles of previous quest were :

  1. Traces of a Human.
  2. Old Friend of a Dragon.
  3. Pale Bones Left Behind.
  4. Monster Corps Subjugation.
  5. Elementals’ Salvation.
  6. Human’s Hometown.
  7. Unfortunate and Distressing.
  8. Sweeping Search.
  9. Recovering a Dragon’s Relic.
  10. Dragon’s Curse.


  • Mapan could not dig any information about this item in Morata's grand library[4]
  • Ratuas dragon magic seal blocked any inspection spell on Yuskellanda's mirror
  • It was the fairy Queen who unlocked Ratuas magic seal [5], while forcing weed to take over the Ratuas's lair quest.


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