History Edit

When Weed accepted the quest to be Zahab's assistant, he wanted Weed to help him making two sculptures. The first one was the sculpture that portrays beauty. The second one was sculpture of himself.[1]

Sculpture Stats Edit

Masterpiece! The sculpture 'Zahab Wielding his Sword' has been completed.

Sculptures of Master Sculptor Zahab made from white marble.
A special sword skill is hidden within, those with potential can its secret.

Artistic Value : 2,472
Special Option :

Anyone who see the sculpture 'Zahab Wielding his Sword' will regenerate health and mana 26% faster for one day.
All stats increase by 11.
Swordsmanship power increase by 15%.
By observing the sculpture, mastery of swordsmanship increases slightly.
A sword skill is hidden within the sculpture.

Effect does not stack with other sculptures.
Number of Masterpieces created until now : 16.

Weed's Skill Effect Edit

Mastery of Sculpting skill increased.
Mastery of Handicraft skill increased.
Strength increased by 1.
Agility increased by 2.
Charisma increased by 2.
For the completion of a Masterpiece, all stats increased by 1.

Reference Edit

  1. Volume 25 Chapter 5

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